Buy/Sell short date products at a
cheaper rate.

We help business units reduce
loses arising from expiry of products.

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Same Quality, Lower Prices.

Get real-time alerts on shortdated products at highly discounted prices from outlets nearest to you.

Smart Shopping

More value for less when you use nearexpirydeals.

Affordable Products

Affordable products everyday for same quality.

Real-time Alerts

Real time alerts on the latest shortdate deals on your phone.

We have a flat pricing structure.

Our model allows a flat 10% commission per item sold via the app, to be deducted and paid to Nearexpiry Limited while the 90% will be remitted to the Vendor's account within 72 hrs after payment is made.

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Our Aim.

An estimated 13 million Nigerians suffer from hunger daily, and seven out of 10 survive on less than N400 ($1.00) a day, which is below the global poverty line of $1.90. We believe that one of the most effective way to minimize operational losses to the retailers, save cost for the consumers and equally alleviate hunger in Africa and other developing economies is to create platforms for sellers to meet with consumers particularly on near expiry products.

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