We work together with business units.

Helping them lead a profitable business by reducing losses arising from expiry of products.

About Nearexpiry Limited

Nearexpiry Limited is a duly registered Nigerian-based online sales and marketing company with special interest in products with short expiry dates. We provide articulate sales support services to retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers of pharmaceutical products and other consumables. We create awareness amongst teeming consumers on the best deals concerning drugs/sundries, food and consumables with short expiry. Cost management is at the centre of all we do.At present, we have international collaborations in the United States of America and parts of Asia. Our Head office is in Lagos, with offices in Abuja, Portharcourt and other parts of Nigeria.

At Nearexpiry Limited, your dream as a business unit (manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer) to cut down on cost matter to us. On the part of the consumer, we also understand the huge economic demands with limited resources that make it harder to achieve your goals, and we’re ready to provide the assistance you need by helping you get the same quality products at lower prices while giving up more funds for other needs. We believe that with proper planning, awareness on where and when to get these offers, a lot can be achieved even with the limited resources at your disposal.

Our Board

Pharm.Obi Egbuonye

Dr.Ifeanyi Uzodike

Engr.Emeka Egbuonye

Mr.Victor Nwadinobi

Mr.Uche Okafor

Our Vision/Mission

Creating positive savings for all Stakeholders.

To constantly create channels to minimise losses for the Producer/Seller while delivering the same quality products with near expiry dates at lower cost to the Consumer/buyer.

What We Do

We work together with business units to help them lead a profitable business by reducing losses arising from expiry of products. We provide consumers with timely information on near expiry products thereby helping them get the same quality products at very reduced prices. Ultimately, we see opportunity to provide affordable nutrition to millions of people while providing business units a practical and sustainable way of minimising operational losses and managing end of shelf-life.Nearexpirydeals App is a win-win solution.

Our Core Values


Our Goal

Our overall goal is to manage cost via minimising the burden of loss to the vendor/outlets arising from expired products by creating awareness amongst the consumers who at the same time get the same quality products before expiry at reduced prices. An estimated 13 million Nigerians suffer from hunger daily, and seven out of 10 survive on less than N400 ($1.00) a day, which is below the global poverty line of $1.90. We believe that one of the most effective way to minimize operational losses to the retailers, save cost for the consumers and equally alleviate hunger in Africa and other developing economies is to create platforms for sellers to meet with consumers particularly on near expiry products.We also feel strongly that by utilizing the sharing economy and creating a sustainable company, we can expand our service to the point where we can help those less fortunate. Nearexpiry Limited has a user-friendly application (Nearexpirydeals) that connect business units (manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers) to low-income consumers, charity organisations and relief agencies.

We operate a commission based structure of 10% flat on every item/product sold via the app All the consumer needs to sign up is to download the app (at no cost) and begin to enjoy the super deals. Our business model spans across B2B and B2C.

To allay any anxiety about the app listing expired items, we stressed that retailers cannot sell any product past its expiry date. The establishment of physical nearexpirydeals outlets in different locations remains an integral part of our vision. This part of our vision will run on franchise and revenue split.

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