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With the runaway increase in the prices of foodstuff, groceries and essentials, sellers are willing to reduce prices to avoid having to discard products on expiration. Nearexpiry Limited is a Nigerian-based online/offline sales support firm with special interest in the management of end-of-shelf-life of consumables, groceries, drugs and other products. In line with the twin objective of alleviating hunger and entrenching the culture of fitness amongst our people Nearexpiry Limited collaborates with Lexicon Communications to introduce our services at the FESTAC HALF MARATHON 2021.
With an estimated 200 vendors including manufacturers, wholesalers, importers and retailers, Awoof Weekend is an organized platform for product vendors to sell off their premium quality but short-dated products at discounted prices to the teeming population of FESTAC Town and beyond. Join us at 1ST Avenue Median, By Benny Hotel, FESTAC Town on October 1-3, 2021.
… a festival of fitness

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